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meet kristin


I’m an 80s baby, born and raised in a small town right outside Berlin, Germany, I have been living in Ohio since 2006. I’m the proud Mama to my favorite human Ava, she was adopted as an infant in 2012.

I have been professionally photographing clients for over 10 years, but have only more recently focused on developing a personal brand.

A typical ENFP, I thrive on human connection and am always excited about the possibilities all around us. I find great inspiration by always striving to connect with the world around me, the people, and places in it, and the experiences shared.

I love to learn about new cultures and am always excited to work with clients of different nationalities. Hablo español si usted se sentiría más cómodo comunicando en su idioma natal. Oder wir können es auch auf Deutsch probieren ;)

Art, photography specifically, to me is an outlet to digest and express the infinite beauty of the human experience and I always hope for this to shine through in the images I create for my clients. Gifting them a tangible piece of human connection is always my goal. One of my favorite aspects of this business is the continuous opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and always being able to learn from them and share in their stories. 

Can’t wait to meet you!


SONDER Photo & Co | Dayton, Ohio | Photographer

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